York Adopt-A-Pet is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal sanctuary located in York Nebraska.  We serve as the primary care givers to the abused, lost and abandoned dogs and cats for our area.  


Support York Adopt-A-Pet when you order from Amazon.  Follow the link below and select York Adopt-A-Pet and a portion of your purchase will be donated to YAAP.

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  • What do you think goes through a person’s mind when he takes his family cat, puts it in his truck and drives from his home located in a Fillmore County residence, drives to the York Interstate exchange, drives behind businesses located on the west side of highway 81 and “dumps” his cat out of his pickup.

  • We put the lives of our cats and kittens into the hands of the adopters.

    Some say by the time they fill out all of the paper work and forms it is easier to purchase a car. But that is where the difference begins.

  • Some have said there are signs given to us from our loved ones who have passed away.

    I fully believe that.

    One random day my phone, which has no music stored on it, spontaneously and without warning began to play my mother’s favorite song, “Mama’s teaching Angels how to sing.”

  • I first met Michelle Brekke and her husband, Erick, years ago at our old animal shelter.
    They were a couple of fresh faced young adults that offered their services as volunteers. Always with positive thoughts and smiles on their faces, I felt fortunate to have them care for our dogs. Eventually they had two children and were leading busy lives. After their two little girls were in school, Michelle decided to come to our present shelter, York Adopt a Pet, and offered to walk dogs.

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