York Adopt-A-Pet is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal sanctuary located in York Nebraska.  We serve as the primary care givers to the abused, lost and abandoned dogs and cats for our area.  


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  • On the 31st of a hot and muggy August evening we received a call from a citizen who said a cat was standing in the parking lot of The Dollar General Store. Her words to us; “he looks in pretty bad shape.”
    When he arrived at York Adopt a Pet that evening, he could barely stand. He had such severe symptoms of dehydration that his eyes had actually shrunk back into his skull. He was thin and so unsteady on his feet he could only lay in the soft bed we provided for him.

  • Slyder is a very smart dog.

    He knows how to open a gate and that is just what he did Monday in our dog park. When he realized he was free, he quickly disappeared.

  • She never lost interest, as some kids might, and was always faithful in showing up for her shift. She was teamed with Donna Bitner on Wednesdays and the two worked together until Noelle graduated from high school. During that time, her family adopted a beagle mix named Blossom, another named Buddy and fostered Porthos, who was later adopted out to a family that Noelle still stays in contact with.
    After graduation, Noelle went to Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis and graduated as a veterinary assistant in 2011. While living at Curtis, our kennel manager, Kim, texted her about a puggle (pug/beagle cross) that we got into our shelter. Noelle’s parents adopted it for her and it lived with her in Curtis.

    Since then Noelle has gotten married and she and her husband Sean have added Brinley, a yellow lab, to the fold. All of her dogs were rescue dogs. She had been working at a veterinary clinic and still found time to volunteer at York Adopt a Pet. It was obvious how much she loved being associated with the shelter and it was almost meant to be that she would eventually be hired as a staff member to work with both the dogs and cats.

    Noelle, with her knowledge and experience, is a very good hire for us. No longer shy, but very assertive, she is a natural around the animals. Her gentle manner is such a plus in dealing with stressed out dogs and she has been blessed with patience to work with them. I love her youthful energy and her willingness to do extra projects that I see popping up all over the shelter. I feel good that Noelle has chosen to “come home.” This is where she started as a middle school student, and hopefully she will be with us for a long time.

  • Meet Baxter, a super big guy with a super big heart.

    He was found in west York by a family who felt sorry for this big lovable cat. He just showed up one day when the door opened. He walked in and made himself at home. The family thought he was a neat cat and waited to see if any lost cats were reported. As is often the case, there were no ads reporting Baxter missing and so the family called the Cat Sanctuary. They already had a cat and could we take him, the lady asked. She would bring him over.

    I said yes because that’s what we do; we take in these cats that one day are a beloved pet, well cared for and loved, and suddenly the next day are an inconvenience to be put out the front door or left behind when the owners moved.

    As soon as I held Baxter I knew he was a special cat. He weighed a good 15 pounds, was already neutered and very healthy. As we do with all cats coming into the shelter we take them to the vet and have them Felv-Fiv tested and vaccinated as well as giving them their distemper shot and worm treatment.

    He settled into the Sanctuary immediately, and each and every time I went into the building he would be there to greet me, by stretching up as far as he could to nuzzle my hand.

    The phones rang one day and it was the vet’s office, did we have a healthy cat that could donate blood to a cat patient that needed blood? We immediately said yes we had the perfect donor.

    Baxter was taken to the clinic. They shaved his neck, put him under with mild anesthesia and took the life saving blood for their patient.
    Baxter seemed to know he had done a good thing and would stretch up for me to see his neck. He was rewarded with an extra serving of wet food, many pats and neck rubs.

    Well, today the phone rang and a couple called to see if we had a cat that would be good with children. They had two grandchildren that visit often and thought it would be nice to have a cat when they visited.

    Baxter immediately made his presence apparent when they entered the sanctuary, and when they left Baxter was tucked in a cat carrier and on his way to his new forever home.

    Baxter is an example of our throwaway society. If he was lost by his owner, we never received a call on him. No one checked at the YAAP building, no ad was in the paper nor was there an ad for a lost cat on the radio.

    We will never know how he because a cat on the streets.

    We want to thank the lady who took him in and brought him to the Sanctuary. If Baxter could speak on behalf of himself he would also give his thanks and I know the “new” family would thank her, too. Because of her they now have a wonderful loving cat to share their home with.

    Fast forward … this article was written on Friday Nov. 3, 2007.

    Ten years have passed and the efforts and dedication of York Adopt a Pet continue to rescue, care for and find forever homes for the literally thousands of cats and kittens that have passed through our shelter in the past decade. The last I heard Baxter is doing well and enjoying his past 10 years in a loving and secure home.

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