York Adopt-A-Pet is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal sanctuary located in York Nebraska.  We serve as the primary care givers to the abused, lost and abandoned dogs and cats for our area.  

Run Fur Luv 5K Run and 1 Walk
July 23, 2016

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  • The life of a stray cat is never easy and the suffering they endure just to survive in the elements is heartbreaking.

    Sometimes with the help of kind individuals, the expertise of a veterinary and a shelter can make a huge difference in the life-and-death struggle of one of God’s smallest. But most important is faith and the power of prayer. Saint Gertrude of Nivelles is the patron saint of cats and gardens. She was born in 621 and died in 659. I would like to think Saint Gertrude had something to do with the fact that a very young black cat is recovering from her ordeal.

  • In my last column, I wrote the tragic story of little Emma losing her caregiver Susan White. After Susan’s death, Emma was in a state of shock and I took her to a place where I knew she would feel safe and secure. That was her foster family of Chuck and Darla Hemminghaus. They kept her before she was adopted by Susan and when Susan had to go to the hospital for short stays. They welcomed her and said they would care for her for as long as it took to find the perfect home. We knew she was in good hands.

  • Today more than any day I need to focus on the positive.

    I can’t let myself think that we are heading into negative grounds. I can’t let myself dwell on the fact we are exploding in our numbers in the cat area.

  • There is something about a childhood friend and the memories you experienced together that puts it in a class all of its own. It is like a secret society that only you belong to and when you start reliving it, it brings smiles, giggles and memories of things you had not thought of in years.

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