York Adopt-A-Pet is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal sanctuary located in York Nebraska.  We serve as the primary care givers to the abused, lost and abandoned dogs and cats for our area.  

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  • For as long as I have been keeping records of cats and kittens dating back to 1998, I have recorded the ones that died before they have arrived into our shelter as Angel Cats and Angel Kittens.

    These are the cats that have no official names. We generally have no knowledge of their existence until it is too late to help them. They are the cats that are trapped and are so feral there is no hope to find them a home. They are generally terrified and it is merciful to let them cross the rainbow bridge with the kindness of euthanasia.

  • Wrigley was left behind when a tenant moved from the residence. What is most disturbing is this cat was left outside to fend for himself and he is declawed. He was so covered in fleas that his hair was falling out. When I picked him up, he was just patiently sitting there as if he had given up on life. He is such a sweet tempered cat, and so forgiving. He has the kindest and most patient expression on his face. The volunteers have pampered and he relishes in their attention. Wrigley is a survivor.

  • Many of you are familiar with the poem “The Rainbow Bridge” where all dogs that die go and wait for their masters to arrive.

    I know there was a group of them waiting for Paul Toms when he died suddenly this week.
    He loved his dogs so much that he kept an extra car just for them to ride in. The neighbor dogs would always find their way to his home because he treated them with such kindness. He usually took in a dog that was in need of a good home, his last one being Annie, a terribly neglected dog that found its way to York Adopt a Pet.

  • Yorkfest is upon us and there is some excitement in the air.
    Probably the ones that enjoy it the most are the dogs at York Adopt a Pet. They will get spruced up with bandanas and new collars, the leashes will be snapped on and they will be transported in vehicles tomorrow to East Sixth Street where they will await the start of the parade. They can always sense that it is something fun and you can almost see them smiling and communicating with each other.

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