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11/18/2022 ---  A Paws for Pets


Beckie, a rescue friend of mine was delivering a dog to me a while back and she said, “Hey would you consider taking an Aussiedoodle?”  I do not know if a lot of you have seen this breed but they are so cute!

 I asked about the situation on the dog, knowing I would probably take the dog either way.   “Max” had not had the best life so far.  He was in a kennel most of the time and did not receive much attention in his previous home.  A friend of Beckie’s had rescued Max and when he saw how the dog was being treated he asked them if he could take him home.  Since the people did not really want Max, they gave him up very easily. 

 Unfortunately, the friend was a truck driver who already had two dogs that live on the truck with him.  Adding a third dog was just too much so, he contacted Beckie and the rest was history.  We received Max a few days later.

When he arrived, I scooped him up right away and held him.  Then later that day and for a couple weeks to come, I saw a very different side of Max.  He was scared and very unsure of people after being treated so poorly in his previous home.  He would hide behind me while growling with his fur standing on end.   This is a sad thing to see anytime but worse for me to see a dog that is still a puppy have no trust for people.  How can anyone treat a puppy so badly?

Luckily, each day that went by, Max decided to trust more and more people.  He was learning people would not be unkind to him at the shelter.  After the first couple of weeks, Max learned that he was safe and when he met new volunteers, it was going much more smoothly. 

When it was time for Max to be put up for adoption, Susan our shelter manager said she had a friend who might be perfect for Max.  She sent them pictures and it was decided that they would make the trip from Wyoming to meet him.  Max was a little gentleman and was all over Donna within a minute.   He also was so excited to meet the Heeler named “Red” that her sister owned.  All was well and Max got a home that day.  He also got a new name to start his life over.  He is now known as “Charlie”. 

Most dogs are lucky to have one home that they go to.  Charlie is lucky enough to have two homes.  He will spend the cold months in Arizona with his new owner and then when the weather is nice again, they will head back to Wyoming to their other home.  I envy you Charlie!   What a marvelous life you will have this time around Charlie.  I wish you the very best!

Thank you to everyone that supported our Tinsel & Tails fundraising event last Saturday. It was a huge success raising over $3,000 which will help with the cost of caring for the dogs and cats at YAAP. The dogs and cats THANK YOU!

York Adopt-A-Pet is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal sanctuary located in York Nebraska.  We serve as the primary care givers to the abused, lost and abandoned dogs and cats for our area.


The goal of York Adopt-A-Pet is to provide a safe and secure sanctuary for abused, lost and abandoned dogs and cats.

York Adopt-A-Pet operates with a small staff, dedicated volunteers and the love of furry friends we meet.

York Adopt-A-Pet Mission Statement:

  • To provide a safe haven for the dogs and cats placed in our custody.

  • To find the best homes for the dogs and cats that are our guests.

  • To educate the public on the need to treat our pets with dignity and love.

  • To reduce the pet overpopulation.

We are proud to be part of Bissell Partners for Pets