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06/24/2022 ---  A Paws for Pets

“Tipsey, The Little Tortie That Could”

by Mona Peterson

Tipsey’s journey with YAAP & me started when I saw a post on one of the rehoming pet pages on Facebook.  The post was a familiar one. I had seen it at couple of weeks prior.  A woman was trying to find a home for her "disabled" cat.  She posted pictures and a video and described what the cat was like.  I knew that a home might be hard to find for a pet with a disability, so I sent her a message. The young woman was working 2 jobs and still having a hard time making ends meet, so she had to move in with a roommate.  Unfortunately, the roommate was allergic to cats.

She had asked friends and family, and no one was able to take Tipsey.  She had tried multiple shelters, and unfortunately all were full, especially with kitten season being in full swing.  I gave her a couple of suggestions to try, and she was so appreciative that someone would take a minute to try and help her.  When my suggestions didn't work out, I texted her and said "we'll take her."  She drove 2 1/2 hours to bring the cat to YAAP, crying and thanking us for taking her baby in.  Here is Tipsey’s story.

Tipsey is a 5-year-old Tortie who was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, also known as wobbly cat syndrome.  It is caused by a virus that the mother cat has and affects her babies during their development.  It stops the growth of the part of the brain (cerebellum) which is responsible for movement and coordination. Severity of the symptoms depends on how far along the kitten is in development.  Symptoms can include head tremors, a jerky walk or side to side swaying.  The good news is that this disease is not contagious, does not cause the cat pain and will not progress.

Tipsey is sweet and loving and at times sassy! She's a talker and not afraid to let you know what's on her mind.  She loves petting and playing. She enjoys crumpled up balls of papers as much as any toy. She will sit on your lap for a minute, and then she's off and running.  She falls down often, but bounces right back up.  She enjoys sitting in a cat tree enjoying the view or taking a nap. I am currently fostering her, trying to get to know her better. She will need a safe environment, perhaps one with carpeted floors and a way to prevent her from going down stairs. She has no idea that anything is wrong with her, and wants to lead a normal life.  She deserves a loving, safe home.  If you are looking for a very sweet cat that will bring you nothing but joy & entertainment and have the home that she needs, please contact Mona (402-362-3964) for more information or complete & submit an adoption application at Tipsey’s adoption fee will be waived for the home that fits all of her needs.

Tipsey invites you to join the fun at the YAAP Family Glo Walk Fur Luv on Saturday, July 9th. The family fun starts at 8:00 pm at Harrison Park with Glo Face Painting, Glo Paper Painting, Glo Ring Toss and Glo Beach Balls. Popcorn, Popsicles & Water will be provided and Glo Balloons & Glo Dog Collars will be for sale.  A raffle ticket will be provided with each registration for gifts donated by local businesses. Additional raffle tickets will be available for sale.  At 9:00 pm the 1 ½ mile walk will start. All dogs on a leash are welcome and several YAAP dogs will be available to walk. To register for the activities, walk and Glo shirt go to or stop by the shelter today or tomorrow. Your registration will support the dogs & cats at YAAP.


York Adopt-A-Pet is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal sanctuary located in York Nebraska.  We serve as the primary care givers to the abused, lost and abandoned dogs and cats for our area.


The goal of York Adopt-A-Pet is to provide a safe and secure sanctuary for abused, lost and abandoned dogs and cats.

York Adopt-A-Pet operates with a small staff, dedicated volunteers and the love of furry friends we meet.

York Adopt-A-Pet Mission Statement:

  • To provide a safe haven for the dogs and cats placed in our custody.

  • To find the best homes for the dogs and cats that are our guests.

  • To educate the public on the need to treat our pets with dignity and love.

  • To reduce the pet overpopulation.

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